Modern Art Civic Collection

La Civica Raccolta d’Arte Moderna (The Modern Art Civic Collection) is adjacent to the Torre Gonzaghesca (Gonzaga Tower), heart and corner-stone of the old castle. This thirty-year-old building now exists as a result of the work of a group of art lovers and of the local Pro Loco, who have been keeping the artistic tradition alive, a tradition studded with prestigious authors from Medole such as Domenico Pesenti, Vindizio Nodari, Giuseppe Brigoni, Carlo Imperatori, Guglielmo Cirani, and the movement of the Chiaristi painters. 

The collection boasts a large number of works by twentieth-century Mantuan artists, with subjects ranging from figures, to flowers to still life. Among the works in the collection visitors will see some by Carlo Zanfrognini, Alfonso Monfardini, Alessandro Dal Prato, Guido Resmi, Arturo Raffaldini, Giulio Perina, Giuseppe Fierino Lucchini, Paride Falchi, Albano Seguri, and a few by female artists such as Mimì Quilici Buzzacchi e Nene Nodari. 

Il nonno Garibaldino, Mimì Quilici Buzzacchi